St Columba's Catholic Primary School

Kindergarten - Year 6
South Perth, Western Australia

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St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School is committed to the total development of the whole child in a nurturing family community, revealing Jesus Christ.

30 York Street (cnr Forrest Street)
PO Box 8307
South Perth WA 6151

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Early Intervention

St Columba’s has a number of Early Intervention Programmes that improve student learning. During Kindergarten the students will receive intervention from an Occupational Therapist and will have a Speech Pathologist complete a TACK test on the students. The students also participate in Pre Lit which is a whole class literacy readiness programme.

In Pre Primary students participate in Pips testing through the University of WA and there is small group support with Mini Lit from Macquarie University.

In Years 1-6 there is a dedicated teacher to provide support to those students who are struggling with literacy. There is also the use of the Multi Lit Reading Tutor 1-1 programme that is used with those students who need further assistance with reading and comprehension. We also work closely with the Autism Association and Dyslexia Speld.

St Columba’s School has a dedicated teacher in the Intervention and Support role. It is their role, in consultation with classroom teachers to identify the students from Yr 1-6 who will need extra support with Literacy and Numeracy. That person will withdraw students from classes and have students work in a 1-1 situation or in a small group. They may also co teach alongside a classroom teacher if it is considered a better alternative to withdrawing a student or students.