St Columba's Catholic Primary School

Kindergarten - Year 6
South Perth, Western Australia

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St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School is committed to the total development of the whole child in a nurturing family community, revealing Jesus Christ.

30 York Street (cnr Forrest Street)
PO Box 8307
South Perth WA 6151

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St. Columba's Catholic Primary School follows the Catholic Education Commission of WA's policies and guidelines and works within the Curriculum Framework.

Behaviour Management Policy
St Columba’s Catholic Primary School has adopted the Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum, which is predicated on two main themes

  • We all have the right to be safe
  • We can help ourselves to be safe by talking to people we trust

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Bullying and Harrassment Policy
We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe and happy at St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School.

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Dispute and Complaint Resolution Policy
Catholic schools can serve as models for all within Western Australia who seek to create genuine communities. Such communities are always founded upon shared commitment to the common good (Mandate, 6).

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Assessment and Reporting Policy
At St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School, the approaches to learning and teaching are based on the premise that all students are capable of learning, that learning should take place in inclusive classrooms where teaching strategies are employed allowing students to be effective learners, to empower students to value their own learning and to pursue personal excellence. Assessment is an integral part of the learning cycle.

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Code of Conduct
To comply with the System Agreement with the Minister for Education clause 6(3) stating all schools in the system will be required to adhere to a “Code of Conduct” on child safety in accordance with the standard determined by the Minister under section 159(1)(I) of the Act.

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Enrolment Policy
Catholic schools exist to further the mission of the Church to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ. St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School seeks to make Catholic school education available to all Catholic children, insofar as this is possible.

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Evangelisation Plan
St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School is committed to the total development of the whole child in a nurturing family community revealing Jesus Christ.

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Homework Policy
Homework set by the class teacher will act as a positive supplement to the school learning process. It will not be used as an opportunity to teach new learning experiences but rather concentrate on reinforcing basic skills and concepts covered in class.

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ICT Policy
Information and Communication Technology (ICT) is utilised at St. Columba’s for learning, teaching and administration. The availability of such resources provides the opportunity for schools to help students develop their full potential. ICT provides significant educational value but can pose risks regarding safety, personal reputation and corporate reputation.

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Marketing Code Of Ethical Conduct Policy
Christian Ethical Conduct requires a striving to develop and live out relationships in a manner that is based on Gospel values.

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Pastoral Care Policy
Pastoral Care means enhancing the dignity of each person within a Catholic faith community. The school vision statement should reflect the Pastoral Care Policy of the school.

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Privacy Policy
This statement outlines the Catholic Education Office (C.E.O.) policy on how each school uses and manages personal information provided to or collected by it. The CEO is bound by the National Privacy Principles contained in the Commonwealth Privacy Act. The CEO may, from time to time, review and update this Privacy Policy to take account of new laws and technology, changes to schools' operations and practices and to make sure it remains appropriate to the changing school environment.

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Quality Catholic Schools - Components

Progress through the Components - Five Year Plan

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School Camps and Excursions Policy
Where school camps and excursions are conducted, they shall be undertaken as an integral part of the educational program of the school and shall reflect Catholic principles and values.

“School Camps and Excursions” are defined as activities conducted generally away from the school campus for educational and/or religious purposes. In special circumstances, a camp or excursion could take place on school grounds.

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School Fees Policy

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Severe Allergy Policy
Anaphylaxis is potentially life threatening and always requires an emergency response. The school takes a proactive approach to dealing with this problem. In order to do this it is essential that we have knowledge of all students in the school who are at risk of anaphylaxis together with the health care procedures in place to deal with an anaphylactic reaction.

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Social Media Policy
St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School recognises the importance of staff, students and parents engaging, collaborating, learning and sharing through social media applications. These applications include, but are not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and other online tools through which people connect and share information.

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Special Needs Inclusion Policy
St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School acknowledges and seeks to demonstrate its acceptance of diversity within the school community. We have a moral, ethical and social justice obligation to provide a Catholic education for Catholic children wherever possible in accordance with the Gospel values of respect, equity and the social justice teachings of the Church.

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Sun Protection Policy
Australia has the highest rate of skin cancer in the world. Overexposure to the sun during childhood and adolescence is an important contributing factor to the development of skin cancer later in life. As students are at school during times of peak ultraviolet (UV) radiation, schools can play a major role in creating a supportive environment that minimises exposure and encourages sun protective behaviours.

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