St Columba's Catholic Primary School

Kindergarten - Year 6
South Perth, Western Australia

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St. Columba’s Catholic Primary School is committed to the total development of the whole child in a nurturing family community, revealing Jesus Christ.

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Student Reports

Children are continually assessed and evaluated in all subject areas. Ongoing assessment assists teachers' planning and programming and specifies any necessary remediation. Standardised Tests in Reading, Spelling and Mathematics are given annually.

Throughout a learning unit, a student is assessed and reported on via one or more of these methods, depending on the type of skill, knowledge or attitude being evaluated.

  • observation
  • teacher prepared oral or written tests
  • criterion reference test
  • work samples
  • individual / group presentation
  • self-evaluation by student
  • anecdotal observations by the teacher
  • profiling
  • individual Education plans
  • curriculum Adjustment Plans

At the end of each semester for Kindergarten and at the end of Term 3 for Years PP-6, a portfolio of work samples is sent home with each student. Assessment sheets may be attached to some of the samples to highlight the learning a child is being demonstrated.

Formal Report

Students in Pre-Primary to Year 6 are issued with a formal report at the end of Terms 2 and 4. This report includes the teacher's evaluation of the child's achievements and development over the year. This report is designed to confirm the information relayed to parents through the portfolio, parent / teacher meetings and teacher / pupil discussions and to meet Federal Government Regulations.

Parent Interviews

There are formal opportunities for parent / teacher discussions on student progress at the end of Term 1. Three-way meetings between teachers, students and parents may be scheduled for students in Pre-Primary to Year 6. The exchange of information during these discussions allows teachers and parents to determine progress and to outline future direction so that individual learning goals are met.